A New Approach to Individualized Marketing in CME.

Hint: It's all about the media.

3.4 million healthcare professionals are within our reach.

We create a personalized experience for every user to maximize engagement with content.

Learners have preferences in how they like their education—including audio podcasts, animated audio, video, slides, slides with audio, or text (such as monographs and transcripts). We give them that choice right from the first marketing outreach. Below are just two examples at how.

We make it easy for users to select their preferred media format right from the marketing campaign.

Emails are customized with featured media formats that users are naturally inclined to use.

For the rheumatologist who’s an avid reader, he gets an email with the transcript ready to go, while the visual learner receives the video. This appeals directly to their personal learning styles.

We reach users when they’re most likely online.

Emails are sent at the time of day that we know will have the greatest appeal for different groups of learners.

A nocturnal neurologist who might like to read at night receives a different email from the early bird learner who starts her day with CME ready-to-go in her inbox. This helps maximize interest and engagement in the education.

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“Personalizing CME marketing campaigns has changed how learners approach our education—and how deeply they engage.”

Sean Barrett
Senior Vice President, Operations

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