3 Keys to Maximize
Engagement with CME Activities

  • Use multiple formats
  • Make it personal
  • Get it out there

Time and place influence which media formats users select.

Learners gravitate to formats they enjoy—but also to formats that match their needs at the time.

They are in their cars, in the gym, at work, or winding down the evening. Offer content in formats that work right then, such as a video in the office, an audio podcast while driving, or monograph in the evening. When all programs are in multiple formats, you appeal to preferences and flexibility.

Get personal with the user.

Learners are squeezed for time, so don’t squander it with the wrong content.

Customize email communications with content that matches a user’s profile, specialty, areas of interest, and past behaviors—and let them know of related activities that closely match who they are. Personalization drives engagements.

Get it out there.

Learners use many apps and websites for CME—including listening in Internet-enabled cars and on Amazon Alexa devices.

Distribute your activity across a spectrum of channels that accommodate one or more of your media formats (such as video, podcasts, radio, or text). Presence alone ensures you’ll reach learners wherever they are. Social sharing also increases engagements (allow clinicians to ‘evangelize’ content they like).

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