3 Reasons to Put the Spotlight Back on Podcasts.

Introducing Podcast | Plus in CME.

More and more physicians are adopting podcasts.

According to a recent survey on learning preferences in CME conducted by Prova Education, 42 percent of physicians indicated that they plan on participating in more podcasts in the next year.

Physician Learning Preference Benchmark Report, August 2018, N=1,060

Podcasts cater to on-the-go learners.

Physicians are just like the rest of us—they’re continuously choosing to listen, read, and even watch videos on mobile devices over desktops, and podcasts offer the portability they want.

The format of podcasts is evolving.

It’s not just audio anymore. While some learners prefer the traditional route of listening to the content, others want to see animation that reinforces what they’re hearing.

That’s why we created Podcast Plus, an animated audio podcast that gives users a better choice in education.

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"By enhancing audio content with animated text and other visuals, we cue key teaching points, deliver a more engaging user experience, and increase knowledge retention."
William Mencia, MD, FACEHP, CHCP
Vice President, Scientific Affairs

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