How Retargeting in CME Increases Engagements

  • Users aren't linear
  • Retargeting boosts awareness
  • Retargeting leads to engagement

Users aren’t linear.

Users are not linear in their digital education: Sometimes they click a program’s link only to surf away to explore additional interests.

To keep your content top-of-mind and ensure we bring the right users back, we leverage ‘retargeting’ tactics. Retargeting in CME ensures digital advertising and highly qualified lists find users on other platforms (by retargeting them outside of our education platform) to bring them back to your programs.

Retargeting boosts awareness.

Reminding users of your content while they are on other sites boosts awareness.

When users leave our education platform, we leverage our knowledge about them through advertising on other sites they frequent (such as social media sites). This type of retargeting is a key driver to awareness and keeps users focused on your programs.

Retargeting leads to engagement.

Beyond raising awareness, retargeting allows users to reengage by clicking directly to the original content.

Using highly filtered and opt-in lists, we retarget users on other sites and provide direct links back to content they viewed on our education platform, and thus increase engagements.

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“Retargeting users who have shown an interest in certain CME content is how we maximize engagements on our platform.”
Rob Braun
President, Global Learning Collaborative (GLC)

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