Looking for a Creative Swim Lane in CME?

3 Unique Ways Prova Education Makes Waves in CME

We are experts in multimedia education.

From audio and video to slides and animation, our multimedia and digital expertise appeals to every learning style.

Learners have preferences for how they want to participate in education. Whether they choose an audio activity, Podcast | Plus (audio with animation), video, slides with audio, or text, every activity is available in multiple formats to appeal to all user learning preferences.

It’s all done in house.

We save time and money through 100% in-house development.

Prova Education manages all development, deployment, and measurement for all CME programming—including content development, creative design, video and audio production, animation design, activity marketing, digital distribution, radio distribution, and outcomes assessments. It’s a smarter, faster way to ensure timely and accurate CME activities.

We are data champions.

We know diseases, HCP learners, and the patients they manage—and all the data collected along that journey.

We study healthcare gaps, CDC incidence details, who our learners are and where they hail from, the number of patients they treat on a geographic basis, different treatment settings, and more. Measuring change in practice takes a deep dive into learner data, and that’s our swim lane every day.

Ready to Make Waves?

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“Prova Education relies on a sophisticated technology backbone that helps us understand user needs and identify the best education to solve their gaps. ”
Rob Braun
President, Global Learning Collaborative (GLC)

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