Battling Botox Fatigue: New Product Daxxify Could Be the Answer, But It Comes at a Price

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PASADENA, Calif. (KABC) -- Botox is the number one requested non-invasive cosmetic procedure on the market. But the well-known brand is starting to show its age with many saying it doesn't work as well after years of use. Now, doctors have something new to offer.

Elisabeth Plunkett is no stranger to a widely popular procedure that helps reduce wrinkles.

"I've tried Botox for several years. I had success with it, but it never would last long. For me it would last maybe six to eight weeks," Plunkett said.

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Han Lee with Comprehensive Dermatology in Pasadena said it's supposed to last three months. But a phenomenon called "Botox muscle fatigue" is a growing concern. Many of her patients complain they're not enjoying the same results they initially had.

"And it's also wearing off faster and some people develop antibodies to botulinum toxin and so it's not as effective anymore," Lee said.

Now there may be another option: a new longer lasting botulinum toxin injectable called Daxxify. It was FDA approved in September for the temporary improvement of moderate to severe frown lines. The approval was based on a study of 2,700 participants.

"The median duration of therapy was six months, but it was also you know, some people had effectiveness up to nine months," said Lee.

Lee said Daxxify is stabilized with peptide technology rather than an animal protein or human serum.

"It acts like a double-sided velcro. So once it gets to its target, it holds on stronger," Lee said.

Some participants reported results in one or two days.

Plunkett said with Botox she wouldn't see any change for nearly two weeks.

"As far as onset time, Daxxify was much quicker," said Plunkett.

Like Botox, similar side effects include eyelid droopiness and headaches which were rare and temporary. As for the price? It's difficult to do a direct comparison. For Botox, the frown line area can range from $250 to $500. For Daxxify, expect to pay nearly double that. Experts point out, however, you may need fewer appointments.

"Instead of coming in four times a year for their regular botulinum toxin, this could potentially be a game changer and maybe they might need to only come in once or twice a year," Lee said.

"Time is probably my most precious commodity. And so if I can utilize a product that's going to last longer, that's a win for me," Plunkett said.

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